Loans and security: this is how we protect you.

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GrouFin is an association that brings together the main banking and financial operators that operate in the credit sectors for families, and that stand out for their long-standing tradition in the sector and financial solidity (guarantee of seriousness and reliability). Further editorial at

GrouFin Memorandum of Understanding to protect consumers

GrouFin Memorandum of Understanding to protect consumers

Last May 2017, GrouFin signed a memorandum of understanding with the Consumer Associations relating to Assignment of the Fourthe and Loan Distributed, with the aim of:

  • prevent over-indebtedness ;
  • raise awareness of financing costs;
  • limit the costs associated with the termination of an old loan with a new one.

Choosing Loans & Financing to apply for a loan offers all the advantages associated with the Sale of the Fourthe, including:

  • Sustainability : the installment never exceeds 20% of the net salary or pension, in order to safeguard the applicant’s income capacity;
  • Protection : insurance is always included to protect the applicant and his family;

But not only! Turning to Loans & Financing also means relying on an operator with twenty years of experience and receiving professional advice, complete with the study against over-indebtedness. In other words, it means accessing credit with serenity.

New Bankaly resolution on the renewal of the sale

New Bank of Italy resolution on the renewal of the sale

To reinforce the GrouFin memorandum of understanding, the Bankaly also expressed its opinion on the same subject, providing specific provisions regarding the renewal of a Fourthe and Distributed Loan, reaffirming that it is ” elusive to the current legislation to grant credit to favor the termination of the operation in progress before the minimum legal deadline, functional to the subsequent stipulation of a new contract ”.

Therefore, according to the provisions of the Bankaly, no form of pre-financing is permitted near the natural renewal date of the loan with Assignment of the Fourthe and / or Loan Distributed. Advances or personal loans are not permitted.

We remember, in fact, that the Cession of the Fourthe and the Distributed Loan are renewable after 40% of the amortization plan (for example, in the case of a duration of 10 years, the loan may be renewed after 4 years from the payment of the first installment).

Exceptions are five-year loans, which can be renewed even before 40% of the total duration has elapsed (ie even before 2 years have elapsed), provided they are renegotiated with a Fourthe-year Assignment of ten years and that this is the first operation of this type.

Knowing these simple directives makes it possible to immediately distinguish the operators who observe the rules and, at the same time, provide clear indications on the reliability of those who, on the other hand, do not follow them and try to circumvent the rule by promising rapid advances.

With this in mind, as Goodfin Agents we continue to fully and enthusiastically adhere to the provisions of the Bankaly and the GrouFin protocol, to always be on the client’s side.

For us the goal is not to “sell”, but to provide a quality service regardless of the outcome of the consultancy. The result of all this is a company operating in the sector for over 20 years. Our experts have taken care of over 50,000 customers throughout Italy, always in full transparency and professionalism.