5 Reasons You Have Your Second Credit Card.

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Do you already have the plastic money? How about thinking about the second credit card? With fierce competition from financial institutions, the customer can get more benefits and convenience. See good reasons for this in our post today.

Raise the limit?

Raise the limit?

Having the second credit card may be linked to a higher limit by some people. If you wish to increase your card limit, this can be done directly with the credit card company.

If you are determined to order your second card, how about using technology to your advantage? Easy and fast, you can order over the internet. It arrives at the registered address.

Just choose, fill in the registration and wait for the credit analysis. If approved, the bank may request further documents for evidence. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

Credit card without annuity

Credit card without annuity

And here’s our tip. How about applying for a credit card with no annual fee? With it, you make your purchases without having to pay anything more. But then, if you are still unsure whether or not to order your second card, we will show you 5 reasons to apply!

1 – Control:

With more than one credit card, you can centralize purchases on each of them. For example, on one card you can use for day to day purchases and on the other for online purchases only.

Or just one for family spending and the other for car spending like gasoline and overhaul. You can also set a lower limit on one of the cards, further controlling spending.

2 – Loss or theft:

If an unforeseen event has occurred with your card and you have to apply for a duplicate, having the second can make your life quicker until the new credit card arrives. That’s because it can take up to 15 business days, and you can’t expect it all, right?

3 – For travelers:

Having two cards can be a good investment for travelers. Have a national and an international card. The latter facilitates purchases abroad and even for those who buy on international sites. Another advantage for travelers is to bet on cards that have frequent flyer programs.

You make your purchases and earn points. Then just exchange for airline tickets. The most suitable card for those who want to earn miles is the smiles card.

4 – Emergency:

Have more peace of mind in your shopping! Has it been that moment when the heart beats faster while the little machine checks the payment?

If the card fails, a problem with the flag system or another cause, the second credit card can save you in these situations. Of course always thinking of momentary problems. No more going around buying more than you can and at the end of the month curling up into debt.

5 – Second credit card: More advantages:

Stay smart! When you apply for your second credit card, ask for a different banner. If you don’t understand that much, read more here.

For example, if you already have a Visa card, enjoy and order a Mastercard ®. This is because each company offers different and very cool benefits at the time of shopping.